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Trident Global Growth Fund

Unit Price - $1.148
Redemption price is $1.145

As at the 31st October 2015

Please note that the unit price shown is post fee calculations.

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Unfortunately, the extreme market volatility and chaotic drop in the market on the 24th of August 2015 caused a fall in the unit price from the highs of May-June. This is roughly double the market falls which is typical of high beta growth stocks that we invest in. Our success has been built on stocks such as Apple, Skyworks, Disney, NXPI and Avago to name a few and these stocks during August had fallen 20% to 30% and in some cases more, from their recent highs. While we were stopped out of many of our stocks on the 24th August 2015when the market tumbled 1,089 points, we believe as the market begins to recover, these stocks will again outperform the market and we will attempt rebuild the unit price. We have begun to make some progress in recovering some of the August fall and will attempt to make further progress in the December Quarter. Thank you for your patience during this difficult period in the markets.

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